At Growing Together Counseling, Matt Hunter, LPC emphasizes the role of relationships using client real-world connections.


At Growing Together Counseling,

Matt Hunter, LPC…

  • Envisions Couples Counseling as my primary focus for healing and lasting change

  • Treats Individuals for ineffective relationship patterns

  • Addresses Conflict Resolution, including adult family conflict, as a Certified General Mediator,

  • Offers Small Business Partnership relational counseling & consulting that is informed by 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner.


In Matt’s Own Words…

It is my goal that those who are seeking the treasures of what this life can bring find their way, either through the help of a counselor or not, to their true loving nature, devoid of all pretense, defense, and reticence. I believe that we are built to love and that love replaces fear. I consider it a privilege to sit with couples and individuals in their most vulnerable moments of striving for unconditional love and reviving their faith in the unfettered expression of self, love, and humanity.


“The process helped us look past our own anxiety to listen to each other. The EFT sessions helped us rebuild.”

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At Growing Together Counseling, Matt Hunter, LPC understands…

  • It’s hard to know who we are and what we are capable of without the reflection of our efforts and our humanity in the eyes of another.

  • To be angry, sad, or afraid is hard enough, but when we experience life’s difficult moments alone, it can be devastating.

  • Individually, we grow in the supportive presence of another.  Together, we are as strong as our bond.


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