Conflict Resolution & General Mediation

Conflict has been given a bad rap. Conflict is a natural and necessary part of life and as such deserves to be handled well and with care. We need conflict because:

  • It provides an opportunity for us to ask for what we need, thereby practicing belief in our own value and worth;

  • It lets us know that another person is engaged (not aloof);

  • It helps us learn what is really important;

  • It provides an opportunity to care for self and others in equal measure;

  • It helps us gain insight into others’ points of view;

  • It allows us to go beneath superficial niceties and relate as true, authentic beings;

  • It strengthens our bonds.

Through facilitated dialog, I help adult family members, friends, co-workers, and business partners open up to the process of conflict resolution in a way that leaves both parties feeling satisfied enough that there is no lingering resentment and instead, a secure feeling that the two parties can work through hard times and come back together stronger.

Alternatively, as a Certified General Mediator, I provide a directed method to help two parties reach an agreement. This process is drastically different than facilitated dialog, interpersonal processing, or couples counseling. This process is highly structured and used to reach a mutually accepted agreement on a specific set of issues.